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Rendon Ramsey began acting professionally in 1992 with a very minor role in Anton Checkov’s Three Sisters. That show, at the award-winning fringe theatre, Theatre Schmeater in Seattle, led to many more with that company before he traveled to London in the summer of 1994 to study Shakespeare at the London Academy of Performing Arts. In the fall of that year Rendon moved to Los Angeles to train at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, where he earned an A.A. in Acting. He was awarded two major scholarships for outstanding actor in his class: The Spencer Tracy Scholarship and the Kirk Douglas Scholarship. After earning his A.A., he was invited to join the third-year company at AADA. Rendon accepted, and he played in works ranging from Greek Tragedy to Shakespeare to contemporary plays such G.R. Point and Automatic Pilot; he also played more than 20 characters in a single play – an adaptation of Charles Dickens’ Hard Times.

My Purpose

My Purpose has always been to help people. My mother was an elementary school art teacher and my father was a child psychologist; and although they are no longer with us, the commitment to their work that they modeled in my childhood made a deep and lasting impression on me. They showed me that a life of service is a life well-lived. I have always believed in art as a medium to serve. Art is an instrument for growth, an agent for change, a tool for gaining insight, an avenue for inspiration, and a spiritual home to return to in times of need. My art form is acting and teaching in theatre and film, and it has served me for thirty years. What I have learned through teaching students from all over the world is impossible to quantify, but the experience has left an indelible imprint on my approach to my work as an actor and teaching artist. My philosophy is a simple one, to stay open. Staying open is the key to all progress as an artist. I believe in staying open to the present moment, open to one’s scene partner, open to one’s instincts and impulses, and open to one’s surroundings. To do this, one must have an open mind and an open heart; one must listen with open ears and develop open channels of communication. I strive to practice this as an actor and as a teacher, and to instill this practice in my students. My teaching draws from a wide array of methods and ideologies taken from my thirty years as an actor and teaching artist. I believe fully in the benefit of an open working relationship with my students, being open to their journey, helping them achieve their goals based on our shared assessment of their best path forward. I have seen year in and year out how an open acting approach leads to exciting and unpredictable moments onstage and in class. I love this work and am open to all that it will bring in this new virtual space.

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Nathaniel K.

Perry-Mansfield School and Camp for the Performing Arts Summer 2022

"Rendon Ramsey is a wise and giving teacher. I have gained so much insight and grown so much from working with him. His teaching style is very warm, firm, and kind. It is a vulnerable thing to work with someone on your art, and he always makes it feel safe. Through working with Rendon, I have learned so much about acting and become a more skilled, confident performer." 

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Anabella R.
-New York, NY

Rendon was the most influential acting teacher I've ever had the honor of learning from. He always encouraged me to wholeheartedly believe in my individuality and impulses; his true passion and care for his students made it easy to lean into even the most vulnerable of moments as an actor. Rendon will always be a mentor to me, and I don’t know if I would be studying at Tisch School of the Arts, following my dreams in New York City, if it weren’t for him!

Jordan R.
-New York, NY

Rendon Ramsey was one of the most influential acting teachers in my career. His ability to teach almost anyone from a different background or level of acting experience is what sets him apart from most other coaches. Rendon’s approach in class is very challenging and intense. He desires to push you to and beyond your own limits and capabilities as an artist, allowing your own artistic goals to develop and flourish. When I began taking his class, I wasn’t as well-versed or confident in my ability to perform classical text ranging from Shakespeare to Moliere. However, Rendon supplied me with many tools and techniques to better understand these works by diving deep into script analysis and historical context of the given play. Most importantly, He allowed me space for failure, because he understood that there is no true development if you make no mistakes. He championed my failures and in turn provided proper adjustments to remedy them. His teaching style allows everyone to have their unique perspective on the content, while utilizing a structured and formulated guide in order to strengthen our acting technique. I wouldn’t be as knowledgeable or confident in my talents today, if I hadn't had the opportunity to grow and flourish in his classroom.


Katie H.
-Santa Barbara, CA

“I was fortunate enough to learn from Rendon as my acting teacher and director for four years. He is a kind and supportive teacher, and believes deeply in the work we do. He masterfully passes along his love and craft of acting to his students, and he is now a big inspiration for my own teaching.”

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Milly M.
Bentonville, AR

Rendon Ramsey is the best acting teacher I have ever had. His teaching style helps students to perfect their technique by supporting their own ideas and adding his professional insight to critique their performance. Rendon is incredibly supportive of his students and has a great appreciation for the work they put into performing. He provides students with a variety of tools to assist them to further their personal acting styles. Rendon supplied me with a number of warm-up activities, character visualization techniques, and ensemble building exercises.

New Project

Shloka P.
Jaipur, India

“Hello! I am Shloka, from Jaipur, India. I am a ballet/contemporary dancer and met Mr. Rendon Ramsey at Perry Mansfield in 2022. I worked with him in an elective called Story to Stage, where he helped me bring my real -life experience to stage, a place where I can share it with everyone. It was an amazing experience to learn under him as he would allow me to make my artistic choices while giving constructive feedback I could work upon. I also love the way he tweaks few sections of a piece here and there and you’re confused with what’s happening but when the whole thing comes together, that’s when you understand the bigger picture and how he looks at things in an amazingly different way! I am truly grateful for his
support at Perry and even after the summer was over, while I’m on the other side of the world!

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Andrew L.
-Seattle, WA

Rendon is one of those teachers that truly invests in his students both during his classes and after. I had the absolute pleasure of having him as an acting teacher at Idyllwild Arts Academy, and then as a professional colleague/friend. He is someone who I knew I could collaborate with and test my knowledge while also learning new ways to collaborate with ensembles. I was always able to open up to him about how I was truly feeling about something, and I knew I was being heard, which was a little hard to come by at the time. He is always willing to adapt his vision to accommodate the reality of what can be done, while maintaining HIS vision. His poise that he had when teaching his students, or directing, was something that I never saw in other teachers/colleagues after having his class. It is a little hard to describe, but he maintained the professionalism that I needed in a role model; He treated you with respect and as a professional which led to some very in-depth and heartfelt moments. The same can be said for when we worked together post-graduation. Whenever I found out that I was going to be collaborating with him on a project, the biggest smile came to my face and my confidence grew because I knew that I was working with a person that would not only teach me about different ways I could collaborate to not have it all on my shoulders, but also be a true collaborator in the sense that he would actually listen to my ideas or my thoughts and work together to make beautiful art. When he invests in someone, even if it is during a class, he still wants to see you succeed in your chosen career. I always wished that I had more classes and time with him because it was always a fun time, even if we disagreed on things. Truly an amazing person, artist, collaborator, mentor, and friend.