Private Lessons: $100/hr., $125/90min.

Rendon has been teaching acting since 2002. He served on the Theatre faculty of the nationally ranked Idyllwild Arts Academy from 2006 to 2022. His teaching focused on Acting Shakespeare and the classical texts, Acting for the Camera, and Audition Preparation. A highly successful private audition coach, Rendon has helped students gain acceptance to some of the top theatre programs in the U.S. and abroad, and has prepared actors for Broadway auditions as well as with the world’s most successful studios, including Netflix and Amazon. He is currently a teaching artist with Seattle Shakespeare Company and on Theatre faculty with Perry-Mansfield Performing Arts School and Camp.

A picture of Rendon Ramsey in black spectacles

Audition “Quick Hit”

For the actor who has an audition 24-72 hours away. You bring the sides and I coach you until you are ready to nail your audition whether it is online, a video submission, or in person. I will cover Slating, Hitting Your Mark, Camera Angles, lighting, projection and delivery. Together we will ready you to nail it.

*This process is short, requiring from one to three sessions.

For students seeking audition preparation without material

We will search my nearly thirty years of archived plays and scenes, as well as all other available sources, to find the best material to perfectly highlight your unique talent. We will analyze the text, create genuine characters that reflect your truth as an actor, and rehearse each piece until it is fully realized and completely believable; giving you the skill set and confidence to walk into any audition situation excited to deliver your work.

*This process will take several sessions, the exact number depends on the student, the circumstances, the material, and deadlines.

For students seeking audition training with material

We will work together to bring your chosen pieces to life, highlighting your unique talent. We will discover and deepen your connection to the material, focusing on why you chose it and the message you want to send when performing it. We will explore many different approaches until we find the exact “way in” for you to bring yourself to the work, ultimately resulting in one or several professional audition pieces that will give you the confidence and strength to walk into any audition situation excited to deliver your work.

*This process will typically take more than one session. How many sessions depends on the amount of preparation the student has done prior to our initial meeting.