Ongoing Acting Training

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I will meet you where you are in your artistic journey! I have vast experience working with students ranging from those who have NEVER taken an acting class to those who have college degrees in theatre and are working professionals. I will quickly recognize your strengths as a performer, as well as areas that will require more focus. Together we will learn about what areas of the craft you are most interested in developing and we will put our energies there. I will provide you with material for rehearsal, teach you how to analyze text, give you voice and speech training, work with your physical expression and movement, teach you how to cold-read, teach you how to act on camera, and what to expect in an audition, and much more!

*This process will be ongoing until either party feels it is appropriate to end our sessions. No minimum number of sessions is required.


1 review for Ongoing Acting Training

  1. Gabriel G.

    Rendon was one of my teachers before college. A teacher who believed in me, but most importantly never asked me to be someone I wasn’t. He trained the artist I was and not the one he thought, or any system thought I should be. It was always really inspiring to me how much he cares about his art and the art of theatre. He’d stay behind as long as he needed to in order to help me with my queries and frustrations, he’d be patient with my pace but that wouldn’t stop him from pushing me harder when I was resisting the knowledge. Often I felt like I wasn’t ready for the material he was teaching, but Rendon always managed to get me to believe. I will forever be grateful for his love and guidance, and I’m glad that we were able to forge what I would call a friendship. We’re thousands of miles away now and still, I know that whenever I need to shine some light on struggles, simplify things, or remember who I am and where I’ve come from, he’ll be ready to schedule a meeting, and call even if it’s just for a little bit. His dedication and respect for the people he works with is truly unique, and often unmatched. Thank you Rendon.

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